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How it works with TrueScheduler

When an appointment is booked in TrueScheduler, you can automatically fetch a unique URL for your Zoom meeting with our Zoom Integration.

Automation will save an incredible amount of time!

Automation will save an incredible amount of time!

Without TrueScheduler — 7-10 steps

With TrueScheduler — 1-2 steps 

TrueScheduler automates the way Zoom meetings are booked, the way confirmations and reminders go out, how the Zoom link is included in the calendar.

Without TrueScheduler, a Zoom meeting takes several steps to coordinate. Agreeing on a meeting time, creating link in zoom, adding the link to your calendar, sending a confirmation email, sending a reminder email with the link. Each meeting can take 7-10 steps.

With TrueScheduler, each meeting can be organized in 0-2 steps by the staff member. Share Calendar then simply click on the Zoom link at the meeting time.

That's it. TrueScheduler will fetch the URL, add it to the calendar attachments, add the links to confirmation emails, automatically send text and email reminders with the zoom link.

We make it very very simple!

How Our Zoom Integration Works

1. Add our online appointment scheduling widget to your website, app, and email signatures. 

  • 1.

2. Book Appointments for new appointments. 

  • 2.

3. TrueScheduler will fetch the unique Zoom link and password and inject it into calendar events, confirmation, and reminder messages.   

  • 3.

4. Automate the entire process of booking with multiple apps connected.

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Connecting Zoom

Below are instructions on how you can integrate Zoom with TrueScheduler.

1. Click on the gear (⚙️) icon.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select the Users tab.

4. Click on the pencil (✏️) icon.

5. Select the Zoom tab and click on the AUTHORIZE button.

6. Enter your Zoom credentials.